Remembering the young orange seller; promoting children’s rights in Paraguay

1 June 2019

On the 31 May 2004, an eleven year old girl who sold oranges on the streets of Paraguay’s capital Asuncion, died of sexual abuse.

This raised the alarm on the violation of children’s rights in Paraguayan society throughout the world.

Every May since, the Paraguay Government and civic groups have carried out a ‘green ribbon campaign’ to remember the orange seller and raise awareness of children’s rights.

This year, Good Neighbours Paraguay held the ‘Lazo Verdo’ green ribbon campaign on 31st May.

As well as green ribbons, they produced a range of promotional items emblazoned ‘Todos Somos Responsables’ (‘We Are All Responsible’) which they distributed to schools and local government throughout Paraguay to highlight the abuse.

With the aim of eradicating child sexual violence throughout the country, Good Neighbours Paraguay headed up the campaign in Antequera, Paraguay, with prominent green ribbons, green balloons and banners. Local citizens and city government were involved in the awareness crusade.

Every year Good Neighbours Paraguay carries out campaigns to raise public awareness for eliminating child abuse.

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