Creating a voice for the youth of Zambia

15 August 2019

On the 12th August, Good Neighbours Zambia participated in the 2019 International Youth Day commemorations.

Hosted by the United Nations in collaboration with the Ministry of Sport, Youth and Child Development, the day was an opportunity for governments and other stakeholders to draw attention to issues that concern youth worldwide, and for the youth to get their voice heard.

Over 200 youths from all the 10 provinces of Zambia attended the conference with 5 staff representing Good Neighbours Zambia. They enjoyed concerts, workshops, cultural events, and meetings with national and local government officials and youth organisations from around the world.

The themes of the event was “Transforming Education for a brighter future of work using ICT and Innovation for the youth”.

The event created a platform for the youth to discuss issues that are critical to their wellbeing and the development of Zambia as a nation.

Mr Biswell Choongo, a staff of Good Neighbours Zambia was one of the panelists in on the day.  He shared his views on achieving universal health for the youth, a priority on the event’s agenda.

Categories: Advocacy, Education, International