Good Neighbours attended the 1st Global Refugee Forum

20 December 2019

Good Neighbours International recently attended the 1st Global Refugee Forum in Geneva, Switzerland (16-18 December 2019).

Governments, international financial organisations, business leaders, humanitarian and development actors, refugees, and civil society representatives participated in the discussion on topics such as;  arrangements for burden and responsibility sharing, education, jobs and livelihoods, energy and infrastructure, solutions, and protection capacity.

The forum announced concrete contributions and pledges towards the objectives of the Global Compact and also provided an opportunity to explore ways in which responsibility-sharing can be increased, take stock of progress, and showcase good practices that can inform the development of future pledges.

Good Neighbours committed a pledge to expand its support for the sustainable and peaceful coexistence between refugees and host community by facilitating the participation to local labor markets and new livelihood opportunities until the 2nd Global Refugee Forum in 2023.

On 16 December 2019, Good Neighbours organised one of the spotlight sessions; ‘The Whole-of-Society Approach: From Asia Pacific to Africa’, with Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Republic of Korea), Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) and Korea NGO Council for Overseas Development Cooperation (KCOC).

During the session, a whole-of-society approach was emphasised to promote jobs and livelihood, as no single entity can drive changes in the market and create opportunities for both refugees and host communities. Our organisation’s support for refugees in Tanzania was showcased for good practice in the field.

We are proud of taking our role to resolve the long-term global refugee situation as part of the international community.

Categories: Emergency Response, Social Economy