Good Neighbours Nicaragua joined the Nicaragua’s School Entrepreneurship programme

25 January 2020

Good Neighbours Nicaragua agreed a partnership with Teach a Man to Fish ( and to also participate in Nicaragua’s School Entrepreneurship programme in 10 schools for 150 students. This programme supports student and teachers in schools to plan, run and develop a School Business in 2020.

Nicaragua’s School Enterprise Challenge and Teach a Man to Fish is partnering with Dubai Cares, to transform education for over 6,000 young Nicaraguans across 165 schools. Allowing them to gain skills, knowledge, and education for meaningful employment.

Through this programme, which runs from June 2018 to 2021, students will have the opportunity to become successful entrepreneurs or further their education by taking part in a School Business. Good Neighbours Nicaragua began operations in 2015, its programs are focused on Community Development and they are currently working in 66 rural communities.

Good Neighbours Nicaragua will support the programme so our children can be better prepared for success in school, in work and in life.

Categories: Education