Good Neighbours COVID-19 response aired on BBC news

12 April 2020

Good Neighbours COVID-19 response in South Korea was featured on the BBC news channel during a segment on Life after Coronavirus.

The piece focused on the way South Korea was adapting to the new ways of online schooling and the challenges it brings.

One of the challenges was helping out low income families with the equipment to take part in home-schooling; many children didn’t have access to online devices.

“A number of charities have also helped out donating tablets, portable internet devices and offering their tech know-how. In Seoul, the charity Good Neighbours has stepped in to support thousands of students from low-income families. They’re even handing out food parcels to help students concentrate. For many, school can be a place of stability and a daily home cooked meal.”

Good Neighbours preparing food parcels

For many low-income families, the biggest worry was about having to leave their children at home when they have to go to work. Good Neighbours also helped these families by either calling the children by phone to check up on them or by checking in when sending food packages and asking if they need any help.

BBC World News reporter talks to Good Neighbours

South Korea’s response to Coronavirus has been widely praised for being the best organised and most effective.

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