When girls’ dreams come true: Tione’s story of becoming a qualified nurse

5 January 2021

Webtoon designed and produced by Chaeyoon Park, Good Neighbours UK volunteer




This is the real Tione – A now aspiring twenty year old who never stopped dreaming of becoming a nurse. As a young girl she was inspired to follow in the footsteps of the medical staff working at the Good Neighbours Annual Medical Check-up, who looked after Tione and her community.

The practical, long-term support provided by Good Neighbours in the form of school fees, learning materials and uniforms, enabled Tione to perserve in her medical ambitions and study General Nursing.Tione will now be able to use her valuable knowledge to benefit her family and community, following in the spirit of Good Neighbours of bringing good change for the world.


Categories: Advocacy, Education, Health, International