Good Neighbours’ First 100 days Emergency Response to the Ukraine Crisis

7 June 2022

After 100 days of war in Ukraine, there are 9,394 civilian casualties in the country, 700 of which are children. Urgent need for humanitarian assistance arose when the influx of Ukrainian refugees crossed into neighbouring countries in search of safety. The lack of transportation, shelter, food and child care remain particularly pressing within Ukraine due to damaged infrastructure caused by the incessant bombardment of the Russian forces. Responding to the urgent calls of those affected on the ground and the global society at large, Good Neighbours has been proactive in promptly delivering crucial supplies to families, communities and individuals, traumatised by the ongoing violence and war at the heart of Europe.

A week after the start of the war, Good Neighbours dispatched the GN emergency response team on 3 March 2022 for initial needs assessments at two borders points in Giurgiulești and Isaccea in Romania. Meetings with local authorities, international and civil society organisations helped determine the extent and logistics of support needed in the region. Emergency relief items (food and non-food), transportation, child protection, and shelter were identified as the core areas for relief operations.

Fig.1. Overview of emergency assistance delivered by Good Neighbours since the start of the war in Ukraine. 

In collaboration with local and international partners on the ground, Good Neighbours has implemented emergency response in 4 areas in Romania, namely, in Galati, Isaccea, Suceava and Constanta. In Ukraine Good Neighbours has proactively delivered emergency aid in 7 areas including in Reni, Kiliya, Kiev, Bucha, Cherkasy, Chernivtsi and Harkov with a budget of $2.43 million.

Fig. 2. Good Neighbours local and international partnerships

Over the course of 100 days, Good Neighbours has provided emergency food and non-food supplies to 58,062 Ukrainians, supported transportation for 2,246 refugees and implemented mental health and psychosocial support for 2,162 Ukrainian children. Refugee shelter support such as Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) facilities also benefitted over 2,400 refugees. Our work within Romania and inside Ukraine continues to make a real positive impact for countless Ukrainian refugees, the majority of which are women and children.

Read our full report Good Neighbours 100 days Emergency Response to the Ukraine Crisis.

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