Our “Children are not Brides” Project Continues to Fight Child Marriage in Vietnam 

2 July 2024

In December 2023, GNUK and Good Neighbors Vietnam concluded the “Children are not Brides” project in Quang Binh District, Vietnam. We achieved significant improvements in raising awareness of children’s rights and introducing life skills to build self-worth, future orientation, and community awareness of prevention of child marriage. The project aimed to equip children with knowledge and life skills to build self-worth, future orientation, and community awareness about preventing child marriage.

Key activities of the project include: 

  • Maintaining four child marriage prevention clubs. 
  • Conducting training to raise awareness and skills for preventing child marriage. 
  • Organizing communication activities on comprehensive gender education and career guidance for students.
  • Holding an online “Growing Path” competition. 
  • Providing scholarships for vocational training. 

A notable event within the project was the “Future Orientation” program held in four secondary schools, engaging students, parents, and child marriage prevention clubs. This event offered self-discovery tests, career advice, and direct experience with various occupations, fostering a well-rounded approach to child empowerment.

The project’s impact extends beyond the “Future Orientation” event, with over 100 people trained on child marriage prevention, 2,738 people participating in communication programs on gender education and career guidance, and 100 submissions to the “Growing Path” competition. Additionally, four students received scholarships for vocational training, and a “Growing Path” resource book was published.
Our goal is to bring the number of child brides down every year. “Children are not Brides” is a continuous effort to accomplish this through education, skill-building, and community engagement.

Categories: Child Protection, Education