New School in Wassou, Cameroon, Educates 162 Children & Lowers Barriers to Education

8 July 2024

A project to improve educational access in the village of Wassou, Cameroon, was completed in December 2023. Prior to the project, children were walking up to 7 kilometers to reach the nearest primary school, resulting in low enrollment and literacy rates.

In collaboration with our Cameroon team, the project “Educate Children to Transform the Community,” focused on building and equipping a new school in Wassou and recruiting and training two new teachers. The school opened its doors for the 2023/2024 school year with 162 children enrolled in years 1 –3. This has led to increased access to education for children in the area, a reduction in overcrowding in other schools and increased community engagement. There are ongoing challenges to overcome though such as increasing teachers, additional classrooms for grade-III to grade VI students and other barriers to enrollment.

Key achievements of the project include: 

  • A new school building with two classrooms, powered by solar panels, and equipped with school furniture, textbooks, a computer, a projector, and teaching materials. 
  • Enrollment of 162 students in grades 1, 2, and 3. 
  • Training of two new teachers from the Wassou school and ten teachers from existing schools on improving pedagogy skills and adaptive teaching techniques for children in rural areas. 

The school has been formally handed over to the Ministry of Basic Education, which will oversee its continued operation with the support of a Community Development Committee. This project is expected to have a lasting impact on the education and future prospects of children in Wassou, while also addressing the challenges facing education in the region.

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