Mission & Core Values

Our vision is a world without poverty and hunger, where individuals and communities live in harmony and are resilient to disasters and climate change. Our mission is to support communities to create sustainable and lasting solutions to their development needs.

Core Values

  • We work in any community where there is a need, regardless of race, religion, ideology and geographical constraints.
  • We promote self-reliance and the sustainable development of individuals, families and communities.
  • We prioritise the rights of children.
  • We mobilise and organise local volunteers to participate in developing their communities.
  • We encourage people to join Good Neighbours as donors to participate in our work.
  • We maintain professional accountability and transparency by reporting to our donors on the status of projects and finances.
  • We work in cooperation with our local partners who share our community development goals.
  • We strive to encourage more people to join our work as members.
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