Christmas Card

Christmas Card featuring Artwork by Leon François Dumont

Exciting news this festive season!

We have an exclusive and unique Christmas card design to share with you all.

This year’s artwork was produced by the York-based artist, Leon François Dumont.

It is a Christmas card that has a special connection to our Ukraine refugee relief efforts.

Leon’s design features a refugee family carrying a Christmas tree and enjoying the season’s festivities, expressing our belief that refugees all around the world share the same universal dreams, hopes and desires that define our joint humanity.



To express our gratitude we will send you by post:

For every £2 donation, you will receive our custom made Christmas card which comes in an envelope and protective film.

For £10 donation, you will receive six cards and envelopes.

For £20 donation, you will receive 12 cards and envelopes.

Our commitment to help realise the Sustainable Development Goals means that our cards and envelopes are printed and sourced in the UK using FSC certified recycled paper and compostable protective film.


Local businesses:

Please get in touch and we will send you the selling package to display in your shop.

Thank you for choosing to bring good change for the world.

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Artwork created by Leon François Dumont

Leon François Dumont is a York-based artist working predominantly in oils, but also gouache watercolour.

Often working within the confines of a limited palette, his work plays with extreme light and shade inspired dually by the drama of the baroque period, and the vivid colour of luminism and 20th century travel posters.

You can find Leon at

Alternatively, check out his work on Instagram

How your purchase of this card will support Ukrainian refugees

Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Good Neighbours has provided emergency food and non-food supplies to over 100,000 Ukrainians and transportation for more than 2,500 refugees. Further, UNICEF Romania has partnered with Good Neighbours UK to expand our decades-long expertise in first aid psychosocial support to over 10,000 Ukrainian children.

Your purchase of this card will continue to support our work within Romania and inside Ukraine to continue to make a positive impact for countless Ukrainian refugees, the majority of which are women and children.

Donate Now and Receive our Christmas Card

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