Christmas Card

Christmas Card featuring Artwork by Elena Skoreyko Wagner

Exciting news this festive season!

We have an exclusive and unique Christmas card design to share with you all.

The artwork was kindly donated by the wonderful  York based artist, Elena Skoreyko Wagner.

It is not only a Christmas card but it also has a special connection to our ‘Girls Can Do Everything’ campaign.

Elena’s design featuring two little girls building a snowman expresses our belief that girls all around the world should have the equal opportunity to education.



To express our gratitude we will send you by post:

For every £2 donation, you will receive our specially designed Christmas card including an envelope.

For £10 donation, you will receive six cards and envelopes.

For £20 donation, you will receive 12 cards and envelopes.

Our commitment to help realise the Sustainable Development Goals means that our cards and envelopes are printed and sourced in the UK using recycled paper.


Local businesses:

Please get in touch and we will send you the selling package to display in your shop.

Thank you for choosing to bring good change for the world.

Support our Girls Can Do Everything Campaign

Donate Now and Receive our Christmas Card

Artwork Donated by York-based Artist

Elena Skoreyko Wagner is a Canadian illustrator who earned a BFA in studio art from York University in Toronto, Canada in 2006.

Currently based in York with her young family, Elena works as freelance illustrator putting together unique artwork using hand-cut paper collages from collected paper snippets.

Her work, which can be found here, is often focused on health and social issues with a particular focus on women and children.


Why support our Girls Can Do Everything Campaign?

Because your support enables girls to fight period poverty and continue their education.

We know that when girls are equipped with information on their menstrual health and have access to sanitary pads and adequate facilities, they can manage their periods effectively and stay focused on their school work.

This is why your donation is vital in helping girls:

  • Access safe and hygienic menstrual products;
  • Learn about menstrual hygiene management;
  • Raise community awareness campaigns on girls’ rights and gender equality.

Support our Girls Can Do Everything Campaign

Donate Now and Receive our Christmas Card

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