Good Water Project

Good Water Project

Good Water Project

4 hours.

The time it takes to get water.

We miss out on studying, friends, playing and dreaming in order to collect water.

Can you give 4 hours of your earnings to allow us to dream again?

Help children dream again, support the 'Good Water Project' today


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"Why do I have to walk so far just to drink water?"


Not all children are able to go to school. Some, like Mamad, have to walk 4 hours a day to collect water for his sister and his family.

What if he had time to attend classes and play football with his friends, without having to worry about his little sister getting sick from drinking contaminated water?

What if he could enjoy his childhood, learning and playing, instead of searching for clean drinking water for him and his family?


This is all now possible for Mamad because our Good Water Project enables children to dream again.

Thank you for your contribution. In 2020 alone you helped:



People access safe water, hygiene and sanitation



People attended Water and Sanitation Committees which sustainably manage local needs through training and education



Water and Sanitation Committees were set to help improve peoples’ awareness of hygiene and sanitation


We're not leaving Mamad and his sister behind either. This is how we do it:

Water Facilities in Schools

“If water facilities are installed in schools and communities, we have access to clean and safe water easily.”

Like Mamad’s sister, some children are at risk from diarrhoea and skin diseases from lack of clean water.

Through the ‘Good Water Project’ , Good Neighbours Tanzania installed water tanks and drinking facilities to improve water accessibility in six schools.

Now children can study instead of getting water. They can access washbasins and hygiene facilities.

Through plays, songs and seminars, young people learn about healthy hygiene habits.

Water Tanks in Communities

“If our community gets a water tank, we don’t have to spend hours getting water. We can go to school, learn and play with our friends.”

In Ethiopia, Good Neighbours installed water tanks in 40 rural villages overlooked by governments.

They launched hand-washing campaigns and deployed mobile speakers to inform locals on how to contain and prevent Covid-19.

GN also distributed basic personal hygiene items to local households, with a local broadcasting station (OBS) reporting on these efforts to enlist greater participation.


Sanitation Facilities in Schools

“Clean and safe toilets at school allow my friends and I to carry on their education during menstruation without worry.”

In the Kyrgyz Republic 614 school children and teacher benefitted from improved sanitation through the construction of safe outdoor toilets.

Now girls can go to school and not have to worry about their menstruation.

Alongside facility development Good Neighbours also carried out community hygiene training with the assistance of school staff and volunteers.

Hygiene Education and Sanitary Kits Provision

“Providing sanitary kits and hygiene education at schools protects us from getting sick”

In Mozambique, Good Neighbours recruited 48 village leaders and 40 volunteers to lead community sanitation projects in their respective communities.

Alongside this, Good Neighbours installed three photovoltaic energy-run water supply facilities and modern latrines in nine community health clinics.

As of 2020, GN Mozambique had installed new latrines in 29 schools across the country by 2021 it will install and repair 32 water supply facilities across Mozambique.

Hygiene education and facilities development are paramount for safe and healthy communities.


Your support will help us deliver Good Water Projects in 35 countries around the World


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