Good Water Project

Good Water Project

4 hours.

The time it takes to get water.

We miss out on studying, friends, playing and dreaming in order to collect water.

Can you give 4 hours of your earnings to allow us to dream again?

“Can I dream of a miracle?"

“Hello. My name is Mamad. Every morning, I walk for 4 hours to collect water.

Honestly, I want to study and play football like the others, but if I don’t make the effort to collect water my family and I won’t have any water to drink all day.

Not long ago, my younger sister was sent to the hospital because she was sick, and the doctor said that if she keeps drinking bad water, she could get worse. I am afraid.

I dream of water close to my house. If there was clean water near my home, we would not get sick and would be able to play football as much as we want, right?

However, when I wake up, I am back on the road to collect water again. I am hoping for a miracle, I am hoping that one day I won’t have to walk so far just to drink water.”

Some children trade in 4 hours of their lives every day to collect water giving up education, hobbies, friendship and hope


Death of children caused by contaminated water

5.7 billion

Children still in need of clean water

3 miles daily

Average distance walked to collect water

4 hours

Time it takes to collect water, every day

Our Good Water Project allows children to dream again

Water Facilities We can drink clean water at school

“If water facilities are installed in schools and communities, we have access to clean and safe water easily.”

Water Tank We can study more, play more and dream more

“If our community gets a water tank, we do not have to spend hours getting water anymore.

Our access to the tank enables us to spend more time at school and more time with our friends.”

Toilets at school We can go to school during our period

“Clean and safe toilets at school allow my friends and I to carry on their education during menstruation without worry.”

Sanitation kit We can stay healthy

“Providing sanitary kits and hygiene education at school protects us from the dangers of the disease.

We learn about washing our hands and it prevents us from getting sick.”

Help children dream again, support the 'Good Water Project' today


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