Ukraine Emergency Appeal

Ukraine Emergency Appeal

The Good Neighbours Emergency Response Team is on the ground, in Ukraine, delivering much needed humanitarian support

Working with local partners and based on local need, we have distributed more than 15 tonnes of food, supporting nearly 10,000 people across 2,000 households so far, in Reni, Odessa. Reni is in Ukraine and sits on the border between Romania and Moldova.

The situation is desperate and the best help you can give is to donate cash 


100% of donations will go towards our relief efforts.


Please support our emergency appeal

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Food and Non-Food Items

Many will have walked for days to cross the Ukrainian border on foot, with little recourse to food and basic supplies.

Our immediate priority is to ensure women and children have adequate food supplies and receive immediate medical attention where necessary.

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

The provision of water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) assistance throughout is critical.

This requires complex logistical operations to ensure a consistent delivery of vital water supplies to a growing number of displaced Ukrainian families.



Many people will have left with only what they could carry, leaving behind their possessions and their livelihoods.

Providing emergency shelters and warm clothing is also crucial along with emergency cash assistance where needed.

Your immediate donation means cash can reach people quickly to buy what is needed locally, where possible, rather than transporting heavy goods for long distances cross-countries.

Please support our emergency appeal

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