What we do

Empowering People, Transforming Communities

Although Good Neighbors is an established international charity, our UK office is new.

We’re already actively working locally and looking forward to partnering with more local charitable organisations. Working with our colleagues and partners overseas, we actively source and apply for funding opportunities through Government, Institutions and other funding bodies, helping more people who need us no matter where they live.

We follow the ethos of Good Neighbors International (GN) who believe that to transform communities you must empower people.

By working directly with communities people can become sustainable and self-reliant. The foundations are laid so that community members know how to lead their own projects in the future.

Our international development creates an environment that protect the rights of children and enables them to grow up healthily.

Click below to read the full version of Good Neighbours Global Development Approach.

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Good Neighbours Global Development Approach

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