Education & Protection

Education & Protection

Education & Protection

Good Neighbours believe every child in a community should have access to quality education.
That is why we assess the educational needs of each community we work in, and from that build and run schools, provide tuition, train teachers and run educational programmes.

As well as education, we believe children have the right to healthcare and be free from abuse and exploitation.
In some parts of the world unjust social and cultural practices are still carried out on children, especially girls, including female circumcision, forced marriage and sexual exploitation.

We want to change this.

We champion children’s rights through community-based child protection programmes helping parents and communities keep their children safe from harm.

We know child protection is also the responsibility of local government, we therefore promote national child protection policies.

We focus on

Ensuring quality education for all

Every child, regardless of gender, economic or social situation, has the right to quality education.

We ensure this happens by supporting parents and carers in recognising the need for child education.

We help create better school environments and develop teachers’ capacities.

We specifically address obstacles relating to girls’ education.

Enabling access to lifelong learning for adults

The basic literacy and numeracy skills gained from a good education are missing in the lives of many adults around the world.

This can limit their ability to master everyday skills, like bargaining at the market and making bank transactions.

It can also hinder effective interaction and communication with others.

We empower adults by ensuring they have opportunity to learn these skills.

Promoting awareness of children’s rights among children and caregivers

Children need to be aware of their own rights and have the capacity to voice them.

Because children are influenced by their caregivers, we ensure caregivers are also aware of children’s right and their responsibility to protect them.

Ensuring child protection policies and systems at national and community level

Protecting children cannot be achieved through individual effort alone; it also requires establishing a child protection system at national and community level.

It is crucial for governments to recognise and fulfil their duty of child protection.

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