We facilitate a variety of health care plans for local people.

These include improving maternal and child health care services, disease prevention and nutritional support for children. We also create health care facilities and support health care practitioners.

We ensure local residents have access to safe water and sanitary facilities and teach people about good sanitary habits for their own wellbeing.

We work in partnership with Water and Hygiene Committees, supporting their activities so that people can enjoy healthy and safe water within their communities.

We focus on

Ensuring universal access to basic health care

Everyone has the right to basic health care.

We work in partnership with health service providers, to ensure quality medical services for everyone.

We also break down financial barriers, supporting community based health assistance.

Enabling quality maternal and child health care & access to sexual health services

Quality health services should be provided for mothers and children.

That is why we promote community awareness and capacity development of service providers for their needs.

We also ensure people have access to sexual health services promoting healthy sexual practices through awareness campaigns.

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