Social Economy

Social Economy

To fulfil our vision of making ‘the world a place without hunger, where people live together in harmony’, we promote not only social empowerment but also economic empowerment.

People can only begin to think about the future when they are free from focusing on their everyday survival.

We know that poverty is caused by socio-economic factors, such as structural inequality, lack of social safety nets and collapsing markets.

Our initiatives break this cycle.

Since the start of our international development activities, we have made it our objective to work towards promoting self-reliance and sustainability, not just on providing aid.

To develop self-reliance among poor communities, we support income generation activities throughout the world promoting economic independence through income-generation groups, cooperatives, and social enterprises.

We focus on

Promoting social economy for people

Our social economic activities value people more than profit.

We therefore promote democratic decision making processes in organisations promoting fair distribution.

We know there will always be unfair distribution in democratic organisations if they do not also have proper incomes.

Our work with long term partners, provides the necessary expertise to enterprises for them to improve market competitiveness and increase income.

Improving people’s economic capacity

Along with social economy promotion, we work with people in poverty so that they gain access to production skills and materials.

We also assist them with accessing finance, providing opportunity to enhance their financial capacity.

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