Empowering People, Transforming Communities

Good Neighbours UK fundraises and manages projects locally, nationally and internationally. We work to ensure vulnerable people can exercise their human rights no matter where they live.

Our UK office is new and we’re looking forward to partnering with local charitable organisations and responding to projects that need us overseas.

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Through our community projects we defend children's rights under the principles of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC).


We work in partnership with other organisations who have shared values to engage directly with communities.


We believe in giving people a voice, so we work on advocacy projects that raise awareness of people in need.

Global Development Approach

We exist to make the world a place free from poverty and oppression, where people live together in harmony.

Good Neighbours UK believe in empowering communities so they become self-reliant and can look forward to a brighter future.

Good change for the world

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6 July 2021

What is safeguarding? The story of Boo and Cosmos

Webtoon designed and produced by Chaeyoon Park, Good Neighbours UK volunteer    Hello, I’m Fairy, your friend! I just came by to see how you are feeling today. Are you having a bad day? I’m really sorry to hear that. But know you’re not alone. My little friend Boo is having a bad day too. […]

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2 June 2021

Good Neighbours UK joins Amazon Smile

The pandemic has changed our shopping habits. As more and more of us make a partial or complete transition to online purchasing – whether that is food and groceries, clothing and electrical appliances, toiletries and beauty products, one thing is for sure – we can make our shopping count. You can now support Good Neighbours […]

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21 May 2021

Live Webinar May 26th: Strengthening the Public Health System during the COVID-19 Pandemic

The World Health Organization has designated 2021 the International Year of Health and Care Workers, launching a year-long campaign under the theme “Protect. Invest. Together.” Good Neighbors along with a number of important partners are hosting a webinar on Strengthening the Public Health System for Maintaining Essential Health Services during the COVID-19 Pandemic on May […]

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19 May 2021

Empowering Farming Communities in Rwanda

In Rwanda, 89% of the population earns a living through farming. With climate change intensifying, many farmers face increasingly unpredictable weather patterns affecting seasonal crop harvest. In the Kamonyi district, farmers face further challenges. The road infrastructure is poor which makes accessing the central market difficult. Many farmers also lack crop drying facilities which often […]

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